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The project that comes from companies and organizations that are interested in creative solutions.

About inGenious

inGenious projects focus on real-life challenges brought forward by companies, public bodies or civil organisations.

Real-life challenges are not only worth solving because of economic or societal leverage, they also provide a stimulating environment for in depth disciplinary learning, experimenting with problem-solving skills and innovative competences to develop practical solutions.

Nowadays challenges from industry and/or the public sector require increasingly complex contributions from people with very different backgrounds. That's why inGenious works with multi-disciplinary teams.

A typical inGenious project requires some 3 to 6 months intensive collaborative work for a team of 3 to 5 students. And you could be one of them!

  • If you're a student of one of the participating universities your journey begins with choosing a project that intrigues you and you get paired up with others that also thrive for the project. You learn to work in a project of limitations, where your own imagination decides how far you reach!
  • If you're an interested partner with an interest to develop a challenge and get to work on that challenge with a special team of students, you best start by contacting one of the facilitators of the nearest participating ECIU University.
  • If you're an interested visitor keen to learn more about the results of our inGenious approach, please register and feel free to peep.

Featured inGenious Challenges

Still Interested?

inGenious is about an innovative approach to 'develop' and 'learn'

Where traditional approaches are based on first learn and then apply, inGenious starts from the challenge and helps you to understand the needs, to analyse what knowledge the team is missing to come to a solution and supports the team to acquire the nescessary know-how and competences to come to their solution and a pathway to implement.

Have a look at some of our previous projects or contact one of our inGenious Facilitators at your nearest ECIU partner University.


To participate in the inGenious community, please register

To contribute to a specific challenge, you have to 'apply for a position'  in a project team. Each challenge will have a specific period in which it is open for application. Each university, will have specific requirements and offers for students to participate. Check the faciliatator of the challenge to know more.

The facilitator of the challenge is in charge of forming a team and making additional arrangements with the team members whenever necessary. After that, the team can start working and will follow there specific pathway towards delivering their result.