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Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Good Health and Well-being
Innovation in health care resulted in increasing life expectancy in our society. In parallel, the number of chronic illnesses and vulnerable elderly also increases, leading to more admissions to hospital.
After treatment, people will stay some more days in hospital to recover and are then expected to return home for further rehabilitation. This process brings extra burden to scarce healthcare professionals and ever increasing costs for society.
Innovative solutions are needed to handle this.
Multihormon artificial pancreas (AP)
Good Health and Well-being
Inreda Diabetics is a medtech firm who invented the first multihormon artificial pancreas (AP) for diabetis type 1 patients. This high tech medical device is currently in the final prove stage. How can the adoption of this device for users be smoothened?
Sustainable energy solutions for housing
Affordable and Clean Energy
Climate Action
The idea is to offer sustainable energy solutions to housing corporations and private house owners. Requires at collaboration with municipalities, house owners, neighborhoods and other business partners in a context that still can be considered uncertain when it comes to long term cost/benefits calculations, pricing models, and the need for solid long-term support from the government.
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