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Energy Transition to abandon fossil gass for domestic heating & cooking (II)

The Green Hydrogen contribution
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Affordable and Clean Energy
Climate Action
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Responsible Consumption and Production

Hydrogen gas is often referred to as the energy source of the future. The technology to produce or harvest hydrogen gas is available and can even be sustainable and ‘green’ by using solar powered electrolysis of water. In this approach, ‘green hydrogen’ could also be an ‘(almost) all green’ solution for energy storage.

How can Twente’s regional authorities, together with businesses and regional communities, provide guaranteed, sustainable and affordable energy for domestic heating and cooking? How would a roadmap towards this ‘energy utopia’ look like and what steps can be taken on short notice to get the necessary transformation into motion?

The Challenge:

Aiming at solar powered electrolysis of water, and the subsequent storage and distribution of ‘green hydrogen’, how could this be made into a major contribution to a “gasless domestic heating and cooking’ future of Twente? Would it be possible that locally produced ‘green hydrogen’ could safely be stored locally and then afterwards be used for local domestic heating and cooking? Thus providing, a sustainable off-grid situation of individual houses or maybe groups of houses?

This challenge is adopted by the University of Twente High Tech Human Touch minor program 'Science to Society'

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