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Energy Transition to abandon fossil gass for domestic heating & cooking (I)

Community involvement and local sourcing of biomass to produce BioMethane
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Affordable and Clean Energy
Climate Action
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Responsible Consumption and Production

Apart from a sustainable energy supply, also careful and conscious use of energy is mandatory to achieve sustainable domestic heating without fossil gass. Ultimate isolation is not always possible, so the sustainabilty goal also requires willingness and commitment of the community to contribute.

Because of the widespread use of natural gas for domestic use, a high quality and finely meshed distribution network of gas pipelines is in place throughout the country. Next to that, the city of Enschede has a modern District Heating Net, but this net is not available everywhere. Particularly in older houses and business parks, the transition to more sustainable heating is very difficult.

Climate change and national legislation force municipalities to radically change our domestic energy consumption asap. To set such energy transition into motion, the municipality of Enschede is well aware that various approaches are possible and that most probably, combinations of solutions will have to be implemented. One of those approaches is based on the use of locally sourced biomass for the production of biomethane by anaerobic digestion in special facilities. Such biomass can then be distributed in the existing distribution net for natural gas.

The Challenge:

How to initiate the use of locally sourced biomass to produce biomethane and introduce this in the existing infrastructure for domestic heating? Would society embrace such a solution or would it trigger aversion and counteractions? Would it be possible to involve inhabitants right from the start and by doing so, gradually increase support and grow impact? 

This challenge is adopted by the University of Twente High Tech Human Touch minor program 'Science to Society'

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