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Smart Transport in Rurban Regions

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Transport & Mobility is one of the distinctive themes that require specific attention in Rurban Regions

Effective and efficient Transport & Mobility is an integral part of achieving sustainable development across all scales, from inter-city connections to rurban and (inter)national networks. Technological innovations are already delivering improvements across various modes of transport (road-based, rail, aerospace, active travel etc), but this is only the beginning. The movement of people and goods will transform dramatically over the coming decade as new technologies, such as decarbonised power sources, robotics, mobile communications, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will radically change the world.

Flexibility in scheduling transportation and sharing of the means for transportation are key issues, united in a decentralised yet networked fashion. New forms of shared and decentralised transportation that ensure coverage and flexibility is a key challenge, specifically in rurban regions where scalability effects are limited.

To come up with real solutions, it is important to understand user behaviour. An accelerated transition to intelligent Transport & Mobility depends on changes in collective behaviour and appreciation as well as on technological innovations.  E-commerce is changing our consumption behaviour and is at the same time stressing the urban logistics system with more frequent and flexible deliveries. At the same time we need to make urban citizens less dependent on car ownership, not only because of air pollution, but also because of the typical claims cars put on the use of scarce spaces in urban environment. Thus, new logistic services must be planned with a systems approach where freight and passenger transport systems are designed together to meet the sustainable requirements.

Four InGenious partners, University of Stavanger (No), Linköping University (Sw), University of Twente (Nl) and University of Aveiro (Po) decided to join forces on Smart Transport on Rurban Regions (STIRR). They will collectively coach a mixed team of students to work on the common challenge:

How can the rurban region around our universities leverage the promises of smart mobility and transport to safeguard healthy and safe liveability for all people in an inclusive society?

At Utwente, the project will be supported by the HTHT minor Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Development 

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