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A fleet of EV.

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About The Company

Kolumbus is the largest mobility company in Stavanger. The last couple of years, they have extended their services from bus and ferries to electric citybikes and more. They are now planning to offer “car as a service” for businesses at Nord-Jæren - using Hyre as the deliverer of the solution and fleet of cars. The project is now being tested through a pilot at “Innovasjonsparken” in Stavanger.


40% of the households at Nord- Jæren own two or more cars. Access to cars (as a service) will reduce privately owned cars in the region and also the overall driven kilometers by car. First pilot started in October 2019 for 800 employees/140 companies at the Innovation Park Stavanger. Hyre deliver 10 e-Golf’s and app Now, Kolumbus is trying to develop business models for Car as a Service, aka Kolumbus + Car.


Why and -if yes- how should Kolumbus as a public company offer car as a service to the people living in Rogaland?

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