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Kverneland Group is a leading international company developing, producing and distributing agricultural machinery and services. Strong focus on innovation allows us to provide a unique and broad product range with high quality. Kverneland Group offers an extensive package aimed at the professional farming community, covering the areas of soil preparation, seeding, forage and bale equipment, spreading, spraying and electronic solutions for agricultural tractors and machinery. For more information on Kverneland Group visit

Our vision is "to be a leading provider of efficient and intelligent farming systems contributing to sustainable agriculture, serving the world's growing population".  In Africa the population is expected to increase from todays 1,2 billion up to 3 billion the next 50 years. Already today billions of dollars are used to import food to the continent, due to inefficient agriculture and also a lot of land available but not utilized for producing food.  

We believe we can never fulfill our vision unless we find a way how to contribute with our technology to make African agriculture more efficient and  to produce more food. Improved agriculture will not only increase food security, it will also contribute to economic development in rural areas and thereby reduce poverty and bring a better standard of living for people in the country side. 


There are many obstacles when trying to enter the African continent with modern agricultural machinery. There are also questions to be considered when it comes to right technology; it should be not only be efficient but also sustainable.

The background above open up for listing more challenges. It might be an idea to start with the 'big picture', then chose one country from the continent and in the end focus on the specific needs on that actual market; i.e. how can Kverneland Group technology be part of the solution to modernize agriculture in the country (region, areas, or even focus on specific crops only). 

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