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Introduction and background

The overall task for Kverneland is "How can Kverneland take responsibility in the green change over become a more sustainable and "green" company?"

Kverneland is owned by Kubota, a world wide flagship with a responsible approach to the SDG goals,

The Kverneland Plough factory in Klepp with 142 years of history needs to adapt to the environmental goals set by Kubota. We have huge improvement areas due to our heavy production and consumption of power (gas and electricity). Production of one plough consumes the same as 10 flight seats of CO2, one way from Stavanger to Amsterdam. And with a yearly production of  approx. 3500 ploughs, we have a huge impact on the environment.


We have defined a challenge in relation to our overall task:

1) How can we improve our reduction of energy in our daily processes? Every process in our production of one plough demands a lot of energy resources. Do we prioritize in the right way and will we be able to reduce our CO2 emission according to our goals.

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