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Identification, Planning and Start - Unlisted AS

Decent Work and Economic Growth
Gender Equality
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
No Poverty
Reducing Inequality
10 ETC

About the company

Unlisted is a financial/wealth technology company. The mission is to build the world leading private capital marketplace. And our vision is to democratize entrepreneurship and wealth creation. That is achieved through launching several services supporting the cause. We are making it easier for entrepreneurs to launch companies, structure them according to best practices, create optimal incentive plans and more easily secure funding from investors. We are also launching initiatives to ensure that more people get access to equity in promising companies prior to the point they are listed on the stock exchange where they become available to the general public for the first time. Through these initiatives we are working to achieve what we say “equity for all”.

 UN Sustainability Goals

This work is directly addressing/supporting the following UN goals:

  • 1: No poverty
  • 5: Gender equality
  • 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • 10: reduced inequalities

 But will also indirectly have a positive impact on many of the other UN goals.


The background is complex and has many dimensions. The problem has both impact in a micro- and macro- economy perspective, as well as both individual and industrial level, and a local and global perspective. To give a background perspective on the macro-level: Too few people get access to the value creation through ownership in equity. There are many ways to address this, one way is to make the contributors (in most cases the employees) get access to equity in the companies they create value in and for. The problem is more important than ever as the financial gap and inequality increases. This has become clearer after the pandemic but will only increase in force. This is due to the technology trend, which includes increased robotization, automation, artificial intelligences etc. creates more value for equity holders and hence less value for people on the other side of the scale. To give a background on a local and both private and industrial level: A well thought through and managed equity plan will create incentives for employees, drive alignment and be a source of motivation and the feeling of purpose. It allows the employee to capture some of the value creation. It will often be financially rewarding for both the individual and ultimately the company. This is also a contributing factor to more successfully secure growth capital. And this will in turn escalates to a positive innovation- and entrepreneurship cycle which has a positive effect on the local startup ecosystem and the future job market in the region.


The challenge is two-fold: First do research on and benchmark current practices from different ecosystems. Plus, review trends and results from these different practices. Secondly identify a plan for how we can educate the general public on the importance of this. And furthermore, start to create a business and content plan around that for the solution we are building on our platform which are facilitating for this.

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