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Growth and market strategy for a marketplace

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About the company

Droppin has developed and is operating a digital marketplace where service suppliers sell their last- minute available capacity and customers get a better price on last minute appointments. Customers can compare and sort their search by price, location and time. 

It is a platform which is a sales and marketing channel for service providers to sell availability that is unsold. For customers it is a unified venue which  makes it easier to find availabliity, compare prices and get a discount on  last minute bookings.

Droppin is Too Good To Go for services.

Droppin was launched May 2017 in Stavanger, March 2018 in Bergen and June 2018 in Oslo. Was a part of Validés ITSA program 2016 for accelerating promising startups. Was among top 5 in the regional finale of Angel Challenge. Won the regional competition ran by SR-bank; Grünerhub. Droppin has received funding by Innovation Norway, Validé and some private investors. Today over 125 suppliers have signed up and use Droppin, over 7000 active customers and more than 4300 bookings has been done through the platform.

Growth and market strategy for a marketplace. The challenge for a marketplace that operates with both a supplier side ( B2B) and a customer side (B2C) is to grow both sides simultaneously and achieve a balance. Droppin needs to have enough attractive suppliers to be interesting for the customers and on the other side( and at the same time) have enough customers that make bookings so the suppliers increase their sales. How can Droppin in a smart way increase onboarding of suppliers/salons (B2B) in a more effective way? How can we grow the customer side (B2C) smarter and faster?

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