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International go to marked plan - Kakadu will revolutionize the way elderly learn digital skills

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About the company

1. Helping people to become independent by teaching themselves! Kakadu can be a source of rich, digestible content tutorials, all-in-one place, teaching people to become independent and never ask anyone for help again!

2. Enabling people to become a part of a network creating digestible content tutorials, all-in-one place. People like Arild, enabled as content creators, can create tutorials that will teach even the elderly person down the street how to use Zoom or book a consultation with a doctor.

What problem is Kakadu solving?

Have you ever gone through explaining over and over to your parents or grandparents how to use Zoom? Or even worse, helping them to use Gmail correctly?Many of us have become the designated IT person for our family even if we aren’t even in IT, but as long as we can use computers our parents or grandparents think we can fix everything!These days young people give away 200 hours of IT support to parents or grandparents every year. But what about people without children or grandchildren? How can they get help?


Kakadu is entering the Norwegian marked in 2021/2022. The challenge is to make a go to market plan to gain a position in the international markedet. 

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