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About the company

Reducing construction waste and digitalizing renovation and demolition processes. Beoi implements the best of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) for Deconstruction (VDD) - maximizing analysis of existing building stock for material/component recovery. Using speedy 3D modelling to establish a communication and analysis basis for project teams, we are looking to transform the methodology of construction for the circular use of its materials.

The biggest part of our philosophy is that Circular Construction is key to achieving a more sustainable future and tied tightly to our need for a healthy environment.

What would the best go-to-market strategy be for a digitized deconstruction process? The construction industry is one of the most wasteful, CO2 and energy intensive, and least digitized in the world. Beoi has designed a methodology for combining digital programs for reality capture, analysis, and coordination of project teams. This methodology allows us to map out an accurate building, at speed, with huge savings in time and cost to the building owner for their planned demolition, renovation, or just to reflect their portfolio digitally. How do we then take this now proven combination to the market in the best possible way?

For a young company providing consulting services based on digital methods, in a competitive market, what strategy would serve to address: • A conservative, cost-orientated customer base • Scaling with digital, automatable technology • Maintaining a frontrunner’s “edge” • The balancing of partnerships, internal/in-house competency, and out-sourcing • Development in the field and innovation in service • Expansion of customer base in Norway, Scandinavia, and further into Europe It is important to consider the current trends in the building industry, in tech, and the wider context of the industry in material supply, and political/social pressures (climate action, healthy environments, housing demands etc).

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