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Unlimited Technology Excelsior AS - Pete

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Good Health and Well-being
10 ETC
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About the company

Unlimited Technology Excelsior AS is a company established in Feb. 2020, and develops digital technology.

What we are doing, and are going to do is both innovative and extremely complex. We need the heads who loves challenges, and that has the abilities to build complex solutions - bit by bit. One building block is an App that will collect and systemize strength training data - Health data.


We need to determine supercompensation for strength training, by providing the window for restitution and when the nest training session should be for the used muscle group.


Users' data such as age, training background, last workout, todays workout, etc. shall be used to create algorithms that calculate the supercompensation window for specific muscles/muscle groups. The algorithms needs to be created, tested and verified.

Closed for applications

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