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Unlimited Technology Excelsior AS - Nerline

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Good Health and Well-being
10 ETC
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About the company

Unlimited Technology Excelsior AS is a company established in feb 2020, and develops digital technology.

What we are doing, and are going to do is both innovative and extremely complex. We need the heads who loves challenges, and that has the abilities to build complex solutions - bit by bit.

We are going to research how to monitor all activity, including static movement/work, by monitoring the nervous system.


As of today it is only institutions and hospitals that can monitor how our nervous system works. We wish to make it simple to monitor all forms of activity (incl. static motion, i.e. holding your arm straight out from your shoulder over time), where we also can determine the intensity/force/activation of the nervous system.


We wish to find out what type of solution that you easily can integrate with your own clothes, or that are integrated in new clothing (training, work, private). It shall monitor specific usage and degree of used muscles in your body. This shall be done by utilizing todays easy accessible and continously cheaper technology.

Closed for applications

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