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Unlimited Technology Excelsior AS - MyTwin

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Good Health and Well-being
10 ETC
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About the compnay

Unlimited Technology Excelsior AS is a company established in feb 2020, and develops digital technology. What we are doing, and are going to do is both innovative and extremely complex. We need the heads who loves challenges, and that has the abilities to build complex solutions - bit by bit.

Framework and methodology for digital twin are to be prepared, as to support that your data are integratable with physical data, health data, sosial data, personal data, etc.


We are still to a great extend analog humans in 2021, that need to relate to a continuously increasing digital day-to-day world. In addition to this, our life expectancy is increasing, as are the society's need for us to maintain good health to a much larger extent than ever before.


Research into, and the design of a framework and a method on how the data models for the human digital twin needs to be established as to maintain usable data, and maintain data quality over time. Keywords are taxonomy, semantics, quality data as well as ontology (relations between data entities - over time).

Closed for applications

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