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Urban Flooding – The hidden CO2 problem

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About the company

7Analytics is building a unique, AI-based, ecosystem for sustainable planning of the future. Our goal is to give our customers increased precision and better decision-making power so that our cities are developed in an efficient and safe manner. Our focus areas are of extreme importance for our society and planet, such as floods, landslides, and biodiversity. Our first product, the FloodCube is built on one of the world’s largest datasets, the topography of the earth. It increases the speed and accuracy of critical analyzes regarding surface water with the use of machine learning and AI. The use of FloodCube in the planning phase and in assessing existing buildings will have a major impact on the development of sustainable societies.



According to the UN, by 2050, our cities will have over 2 billion new residents. Such large-scale urbanization leads to increased runoff when the storm rages, and climate change further increases the problem. In recent times we have seen the effects of heavy storms bringing enormous rainfall to several parts of the world, causing large damages to buildings and infrastructure. Thus, it is vital to build cities which can handle the climate changes. Collaboration is key - We have to work together from start to finish, and we have to relate to data throughout the process.


Challenge - Urban flood impact

The construction industry accounts for about 40% of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the world. But what is the natural hazard part of this – when repairs and rebuild is necessary? In Norway alone, stormwater causes damages worth billions of kroner annually. We challenge you to explore value creation opportunities behind the impact of urban flooding, for example by addressing some of these questions:

-        How does urban flooding affect the emission rates?

-        Can we calculate the CO2 budget for this hidden problem?

-        How do you analyze the market potential for FloodCube?

-        Based on your analysis, what business model can you propose for FloodCube?

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