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XR-Cyberlab is, as our name implies, an XR company. We are focused on bringing a next step in training at a tactical and strategic level or technical investigations of scenarios/events. We are helping disaster management and many other insdustries reimagine how they assess plans, procedures, policies, cooperative agreements and other crucial information.

We found out what are the needs of our potential customers, sometimes the hard way. And are developing a fully customizable solution, for each of them, all the way down to interface, specific features, administrative tools etc. This is no out-of-the shelf thing. The entire UX is one-of-a-kind per customer.

It looks like a tabletop exercise, when used by some industries. Do mind that, by tabletop exercising, we are talking about a discussion-based exercise where personnel are presented with a scenario to validate the content of plans, procedures, policies, cooperative agreements or other information for managing an event or incident - or many. However, given the project can go much beyond what tabletop exercises do and actually could even be used to generate said plans, procedures, policies, cooperative agreements, we are faced with 2 problems to solve:


  1. Which industries can we expand to? Which industries could profit from our way of dealing with information and non-linear narratives in simulations such as ours?
  2. How would be the strategy to sell to these industries? As in:
  • What are their needs? And how could we innovate, cut costs, engage, impress, improve safety, improve profit etc to address those aforementioned needs? How to anticipate that which the client does not know possible to solve? What would be the strategy to handle their decision making unit? And how to pitch to them after all?

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