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Marketing Challenge – Premium Offshore Farmed Fish

Life Below Water
Responsible Consumption and Production
10 ETC


The growing world population demands healthier aquacultured seafood, such as farmed salmon. However, the supply of farmed salmon is struggling to keep up with demand. The fjords in Norway, Chile, the Faroes and elsewhere have almost reached the limits of how many fish farms they can sustainably contain. This has opened for aquaculture innovations that may bring the industry further out in the ocean – closer to the natural habitat of the salmon.

About the company

Roxel Aqua AS is a company developing offshore aquaculture innovations, using jack-up rigs and pull-down fish cages. The patented and sustainable solutions will increase the available aquaculture area and provide a healthier environment for the fish. This is the home ground of pure and delicious fish. Offshore farmed fish is a fish of better quality – a premium product.

The Challenge

Roxel Aqua AS is undertaking a solid branding process of the company (website, company name, branding strategy) and the challenge is related to these exciting topics.

In brief:

-        Which markets will demand the offshore salmon (or other species) the most?

-        How much premium are customers willing to pay?

-        Find an excellent and consistent branding / market strategy. It may include production awareness for excellent fish, how to brand the company and the premium quality fish and how to attract the right customers.

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