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Flagship product design; in terms of customers' willingness to buy

Affordable and Clean Energy
Climate Action
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
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About the Company:

Smart-Kite is a newly founded company focusing on developing and building an airborne wind energy solution using sophisticated technology within disciplines such as material design, electronics, software, hardware, fluid dynamics, construction and electro-mechanical engineering. The technology is the next big disruptive step within wind energy which is about time considering that the first electric wind turbines were developed in the 1880’s and today 2020’ turbines are based on the same conceptual model.

We have a lean and modern approach to business, driven by systems and approaches that are used in successful tech companies today.


Airborne wind technology has a big market potential as it can deliver more reliable energy at a significantly lower cost than today’s wind turbines and therefore represents a real and feasible alternative to fossil fuels. SMART-KITE’s product lines are all based on larger systems (100+ kW) focusing on the offshore markets.

 The idea was inspired by the company “Makani Power”, and we would encourage you to watch the following documentary to learn more about our technology when considering this challenge..


Using airborne energy offshore brings higher risks and therefore higher costs at this early stage of development, and from a “business feasibility perspective” it could be easier to start with land-based installations. The challenge is to investigate which criteria need to be considered in designing the flagship product in terms of the customers’ willingness to buy.

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