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Ocean waste in the construction industry

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 About the company and Background

SEA SICK FISH is a Non-profit Organisation founded by Tania Nyberg with nine other members in 2013, the organization was formally registered in 2016. We are a Down to Ocean(earth) Organisation forming projects with real solutions just doing them to reduce marine litter, toxic chemicals also microplastic and nano-plastic in the ocean for the fish and marine ecosystem. All in result to improving wild fish health and the fish for our food-chain. Our modern strategy is not to achieve the typical forms of activism but rather to take political sides, prestige, pride, and prize. We are educating and motivating people who want to understand the problems and experience them then solve them.

We hold local, regional speeches and workshops with our network expertise including educated researchers and those that are in the waters daily including. By today we have measured taken up over 730 tons waste from the ocean helping to improve fish health in areas critical for our food chain we have motivated regional and global research for improving fish health and for several communities having locals take the physical efforts to further profit and build an economy for the ocean’s ecosystem. We are pushing as much research in the direction we aim for. Where two of our projects, Eco Ocean and Seas eco evolved into Corporations to become services with inventions.

Nyberg has been traveling globally to Asia, South America and Amazon pushing and helping challenging research that has been critical to proving both microplastic and nano-plastic health warning for fish health, oceans ecosystem and our human health.

 The organisations have shifted structures based on projects members have created regionally and working with UN projects abroad educating all people. Our challenge today at these times is keeping larger membership support and activities that will engage them in still reducing ocean waste.


How to encoarage  construction industry to use the ocean wastes-based building materials.

Design and develope the best applicable strategy.

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