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Haltian Empathic Building – patient treatment at home

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Good Health and Well-being
10 ETC

About the company:

Since 2016, we have delivered the product Empathic Building to office-spaces around the world. Empathic Building is a smart building solution that helps employees feel happier, more inspired, and perform better.

We deliver a visualization engine that can process and visualize any sensor-input.


In the future, patient treatment will be home-based. There are several solutions for homecare treatment.

The patient needs to know the system, who is responsible for what, how to maintain the equipment, who to contact, etc.

We want to build a solution that brings all the information together, enabling the patient to live and interact through the same system for any activities and needs, even if the needs are transferred to different parties.


The Challenge for students:

How the company develops an innovative solution out of the ownership and scale it up?

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