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Haltian Empathic Building in hospitals

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Good Health and Well-being
10 ETC

About the company:

Since 2016, we have delivered the product Empathic Building to office-spaces around the world. Empathic Building is a smart building solution that helps employees feel happier, more inspired, and perform better.

We deliver a visualization engine that can process and visualize any sensor-input.


Haltian Empathic Building in hospitals:

We are aiming to take the solution into the hospital-sector globally based on the existing system.

The activities are lead from Norway, where we have based our test activities on an installation at Norwegian Smart CareLab

The challenge for students:

The challenge for students for both software and hardware product:

 Find the solution in having the best control over delivery and optimize customer service and improve user experience.

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