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We are a small and passionate AI technology venture with the ambition to improve how humans and machines interact. There are many such interactions that have to be made safe, pleasant and effortless. We believe that teaching machines to recognise certain aspects of human behaviour is a fruitful way to achieve this, ultimately not only increasing quality of interaction but also safety. We utilise existing hardware and pair it with our algorithms, building an innovative solution to achieves just this.


For a safety application we have developed a monitoring solution, which can alert a person about the risk of loosing control of the ongoing process. By doing so we can prevent accidents and create a safer environment for people. The journey has only begun here; we want to find more problems and solve them using our approach.


 There are many interactions which could be optimised. But where can we achieve the biggest improvement and set new standards? It is your task to find use cases which can greatly benefit from using our technology. The ideal application has great business value, a positive impact on individuals and is in line with our ethical standards. Your turn! What will you come up with?

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