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Woit Business plan

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
10 ETC

About the company

We are developing a solution for a strength workout. We are building universal sensors that can be placed on equipment in gyms that let users easily connect with these sensors so they can track their workout. This will give the users a good understanding of their progress, how much energy they are producing, how much weight they are using, and if they are doing the workout correctly. 


The idea came from Blend Adnan, a former master student at UiS. Woit got one million NOK funds through STUD-ENT. 

STUD-ENT is the Research Council's national competition arena where students in collaboration with higher education institutions can apply for project support for business ideas. The fund provided the opportunity for Blend and the team to develop the idea.


We are 3 engineers that need insight into the market. We need a business plan and a strategy. How can we create money from this? Who are our customers? Who are our competitors? What is the risk? How will we market ourselves? How do we keep our customers? How should we implement this? Who can we collaborate with?

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