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Life Below Water
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Clean Water and Sanitation
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About the company

Since 2013 our team has been exploring various methods and developing our own invented environmental technology to further indicate where pollutants are on the seabed and to retrieve marine litter in the most delicate manner. The ocean and natural aquatic areas are every life-critical lasting nourishment. With a deep respect for restoring to preserving essential aquatic (ocean) life on coasts, harbors, rivers, around fish farms, and various aquatic regions that are polluting the most. Discovering traditional ways of covering up pollutants is not a long-term solution at all. It is a serious critical in removing cleaning away the pollutants, for protecting new nourishing life to grow. In addition to stopping aggressive algae in waters producing virus and bacteria contaminant affecting all life. It is great value in long term healthy environments, not covering them up.  

Since 2017 we have taken up over 1000 tons of waste mostly in polluted city harbors. Amongst us, we have cleaned underwater and on beaches worldwide learning the challenge of every region. We are building a service to improve polluted harbors to make them greener and healthier for society and life in the ocean, rivers, and lakes.  



We are exploring Aquaculture cleanups with our Microplastic/toxic waste Removal Subsea System and using Subsea GEO LI4/(ROV, mapping, sensor reading. An advanced toxic chemical evaluation drone for inspecting and gaining detailed analysis reports pollution in and around fish farms then proceeding a cleaning procedure if the reports are showing extremes. This can include reading toxic metals types, chemicals from waste and imbalances in fish treatments, evaluating fish health, and more. 


Find the value for the waste we bring up in our technology to generate more company value? What waste has more value in the area and who can receive it.

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