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MiniHage business plan

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About the company

MiniHage was founded by  Anne Iren Håvarstein. She has a background in communication and marketing. Worked within the development of digital solutions for the last 20 years. Established Olavstoppen, a digital design, and development company, together with Bouvet in 2010. Was CEO and build the company from 9 to 34 employees before she sold her shares in 2018. Inventas has been and will be an important partner in the design process. MiniHage has established and is in the process of carrying through, a research program together with NIBIO. We have a good and valuable relationship with Validé and Nordic Steel produced our first prototype.


 The company shall develop and sell equipment to establish mini gardens in urban areas. The business idea is to maximize the growing areal in a minimum of space. We shall help newcomers to succeed with home growing with the help of automatic irrigation, the use of technology, and customized information. We are aiming at being ready for the Norwegian market in spring 2022. Marketing, sales, distribution, and administration will be digital and fully integrated. The company shall ensure that production and distribution are executed to the highest environmental standard.


Develop a business plan for MiniHage AS.

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