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Ogoori is offering Material as a Service, where the material is produced from ownerless marine plastic, collected at sea or along shorelines in Norway and internationally. Ogoori will own the material, and offer principles, service and best practice for handling the material and taking it back at a product’s end of life.  

Ogoori’s business model is to rent out material, that is tracked via blockchain technology, to ensure that the waste never enters nature again in any form, but keeps circulating in the circular economy, in objects designed for re-use, and that can create customer value based on the unique story of the material. This model, Ope/Ogoori has named a regenerative circular value chain. The principle is named Plastic Capture and Storage, by the team behind Ogoori.


Ope, Vestre and other companies from the Furniture industry knows how to utilize the value creation of the regenerative circular value chain, and are developing product/service models for the furniture/interior market.  Ogoori’s challenge for the students is to define deferring markets from the furniture market, that may optimize the value creation of the MaaS model, where value creation is decoupled from the material in the value chain.

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