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AR in the health sector

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Good Health and Well-being
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About the company

Bouvet is a Norwegian publicly listed consultancy within ICT.

Bouvet in brief:

• 13 offices, of which 3 are in Sweden. Largest units are Oslo and Stavanger with over 400 employees at each location

• Over 1400 employees total

• Average experience: 13 years

• Share of employees with higher education: > 95%

• Largest service area is system development, which accounts for approximately 60% of the consultants

Our customers work with demanding and complex issues. This requires a professional organization that is co-ordinated and think holistically for their specific customer. Bouvet keep focus on offering our customers an integrated service range with genuine interest to solve the puzzles that are given. This is much of the reason why our customers rarely become aware of our internal organization. For Bouvet the most important is to find the right skills-not which Department this belongs to!

By far the largest share of consultants working with system development. We cover a wide area, but the bulk is within Microsoft, Java, Oracle, IBM and Open Source. With about 650 developers, we have the expertise and competence within most areas.


Bouvet has over time built up a lot of knowledge in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and see possibilities for expanding the use of new sites, preferably related to health.


Technological advances recently made in AR, have made the technology ripe and ready to be introduced to more areas/sectors. Bouvet has historically been targeted to traditional industry, but see that aspects of this technology is also relevant for tasks within the health sector. It will be interesting to look at the possibility of contributing to efficiency and distribution of services through the use of AR technology.

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