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A new and sustainable low carbon concrete for buildings and civil engineering constructions.
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SolidRock – a new and sustainable low carbon concrete for buildings and civil engineering constructions.

The newly developed product is developed for buildings and civil engineering projects were traditional Portland-based concrete is used today. SolidRock is based on waste (tailings) from the mining industry and is a non-Portland concrete with 70% less CO2 emission compared to traditional concrete. The SolidRock material is a low carbon product that support the circular economy and the UN sustainable goals for climate action and sustainable cities.

According to Bill Gate's annual letter 2019 (see the Grand challenge video) we will build a new New York city every month for the next 40 years! This growth will consume a GIGANTIC amount of materials! Without new and innovative technologies it will not be sustainable for our planet. SolidRock can play a significant role in way we plan and build cities for a better future.

Many countries all over the world has some sort of mining activity. Although these mines are providing minerals and metals needed and wanted by our society, most of the mines have environmental challenges related to the activity. In many developing countries the mining industry has serious negative impact on the daily life of the people living nearby. In Norway the mining industry is dependant of a approval from the government and local municipality in order to store the waste, either on land or under water. However, the public opinion is about to shift towards a direction whereas the mining companies will not be allowed to store waste products if this will have any negative impact on nature or people living in close distance from this area.


SolidRock can potentially use all of the waste from the mining industry and apply this in the construction sector, building bridges, houses or roads. It is assumed it needs to compete with traditional concrete both on price and quality in order to be successful. How should a business case look like for SolidRock that will utilize the benefits of the product to the maximum. What market should SolidRock target and how should this be marketed. Should there be any incentives from the government in order to help SolidRock to the marked?

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