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The Bate-village

The future is green and Bate will be a driving force.
Affordable and Clean Energy
Climate Action
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Responsible Consumption and Production
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About the company 

Bate is organized as a member owned cooperative. With around 53 000 members it is one of the largest member organizations in the region. The company's assets are created through building housing, but also through technical, financial and legal advice to property companies, as well as maintenance and other services related to homes. In addition to the advantage of the pre-emptive right included agreements, Bate enters into agreements that offer members many other benefits. Bate is one of the region's leading residential builders and the largest property manager. Close to 15 000 homes are built and over 24 000 homes managed by Bate.


The future is green and Bate will be a driving force. We are working towards a future image where "the Bate-village" has zero emissions and a circular economy. Here clean energy will be used, and the mobility between home, work and school will be emission-free and collective. This creates safe neighborhoods with short distances for residents of all ages, who Bate can offer services both inside and outside their homes, according to individual wants and needs.

This vision will characterize our everyday lives and the short-term and long-term goals we set in order to leverage the best solutions, both for our residents and the community.


Currently we are setting up a climate plan for Bate to form a common basis for the development of living environment, projects, and services to meet sustainability and climate goals. As the developer, we can influence the choice made in development projects directly, but we also want to influence the individuals to contribute to reaching the sustainability and climate goals. We already do this today through our communications strategy, and have several ways to influence the members and residents.

Regardless of what action we, or others, will take, it will always be a challenge to motivate individuals to act more sustainable. The majority of individuals will always be concerned with "whats in it for me" at the current time. The question is therefore; how do we motivate the individual to act more sustainable? How can Bate with our long-term ambitions help ensure that individuals are stimulated to contribute to a sustainable future?


The solution(s) must deal with issues Bate can affect indirectly (for example, energy saving, circular economy etc) and any reward mechanisms can be linked to Bate membership.

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