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Höylytt Guided Workflow™

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About The Company

Höylytt has developed a new patented method/technology for learning to play the piano. Through visual aid on a keyboard, we let people compose their own songs from their favorite chords. No more searching in the dark for the "right" notes, we show which works for your music, and which do not.


Höylytt would like to create the highest possible motivation to play music yourself. The positive impact that playing an instrument has on both our physical and cognitive development, is well worth the effort for many to have that experience. Many quit because it requires some practice to play. With our method Guided Workflow™ we bring creativity, intuition and commitment to the very first phases of learning.

We have a goal to bring a musical instrument based on the Guided Workflow™ to the market by 2021. We are currently developing a prototype, ready for market tests in 2020. We will offer an instrument for children and beginners that let them create music at the same time as they learn how a piano works. By integrating creativity in the learning process, we let users experience the mastery and the joy of creating. We let them experience why they should start their relationship with musical instruments.


Höylytt has created a product that gives children an immediate mastery feeling and joy of creating music. How can the company reach out to their target audience, and find the entry point to a larger market?

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