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The Next generation Solar Household System

Affordable and Clean Energy
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Solar Bora provides what we call “The Next generation Solar Household System” to customers in the Sub-saharan Africa. We are currently active in Kenya and Mali. The unit we provide enables the user to power any appliances, up to 7kW power, driven by 230V AC. This provides the same opportunities as the power grid, but also where the grid is not available. The unit can for example be used to power induction cookers, to replace the cooking with firewood and charcoal that is bad for both the environment and the family. It can of course be used for other productive appliances, making it possible for the user to start a micro business based on the available power and their own interest.

Solar Bora is a start-up with a working product, but there are still many possible improvements. We buy solar panels and batteries, develop our own inverter, charger and energy management system, and include it all in a turn-key solution.


The unit needs to be placed indoors, inside of people’s homes. It therefore needs to fit in and preferably be an appreciated part of the furnishings. Now, it is a practical unit with useful features. Can it be improved? Can it be more than just a power source? Can it have several positive impacts and applications?

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