What's this portal all about?

This inGenious portal is created to support companies, governments and other societal actors in adressing their needs in innovation and adaptation. It aims to connect their ideas and questions for sustainable development with the creative capacities of students and knowledge centres throughout Europe.

The initiative to this portal comes from ECIU Universities who wish to further increase the regional impact of their activities and to contribute to the vitality of their region.

inGenious is one of the 'Challenge Based Innovation & Learning' initiatives of ECIU University. It frames real life challenges into practical forms for students and other 'learners' to work on and to come up with practical solutions for (parts of) the challenge. 

This inGenious portal aims to support the above objective by 

  1. giving an overview of challenges. Challenges open for contributions as well as archived challenges to inspire visitors to join our community.
  2. offer options to register for visitors and students
  3. offer options to indicate your favorite challenges
  4. offer an option to apply for a position in a team for a specific challenge
  5. help companies, governments and other societal actors to contact an ECIU university via a regional facilitator and learn more about possibilities to introduce a challenge
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