Linköping University

Linköping University is a state university in Linköping, Sweden. Linköping University was granted full university status in 1975 and is now one of Sweden's larger academic institutions.

In collaboration with the international development platform InGenious, Linköping University arranges a cross disciplinary course that is unique for the Swedish educational system: InGenious - Cross Disciplinary Project (799G52)

Challenge conditions for Linköping University

Pace of study: One-quarter-time during a spring semester (Jan. to May) or autumn semester (Aug./Sep. to Dec.). 200-220 hours per person

Specific requirements: At least 90 passed credits of undergraduate studies (or similar) are required. Documented knowledge in English at the level of English B/English 6 is required. Exemption is Swedish 3/B. Nota Bene that an applicant can only be accepted to the course if he or she has been given a project by InGenious. Before a project is provided the acceptance is conditional. 

Tuition fees: SEK 9328 (2021) - NB: Applies only to students from outside the EU, EEA, and Switzerland.

Apply for the course (799G52) at  (Swedish) / (English)

Albert Rudholm
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